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I would recommend Berlin Talent to everyone.  Mallory was incredibly responsive, helpful and very thorough. She made the entire transaction smooth and easy. I was more than pleased with the customer service, it was a pleasure! My favorite part about the entertainment was how much fun everyone seemed to be having while watching Ben perform.  He was very warm, witty and outgoing and really kept everyone’s attention. The crowd couldn’t have been more thrilled and amazed!!

The company is professional, responsive, and accommodating. We needed to change the date of our event and they had absolutely no problem with it. We were very pleased with the whole process. The talent is real, and the agency totally takes the worry off your shoulders when planning a big event. Ours happened to be in the middle of NYC's "Snowmageddon 2016," and still everything went off without a single hitch!!!

Jana Dickstein 



Reena Rupani


Center for Health and Healing

Mount Sinai Beth Israel


Great entertainment to use for parties of all ages. Customer service was great. Very easy to coordinate.

Easy and quick agency. Prompt replies to inquiry and pleasant to deal with. Mike engaged the kids and was funny.

The follow up to my initial cold call was swift and warm! A pleasure booking through Berlin Talent. Ben was a huge hit.

Carrie Gurowitz


Trade Supply Group

Rachel Adler Rosan


Rebecca Weller

Founder and Producer

Guitar Mash

I would like to thank you and Ben for such an amazing performance on Thursday. We had a very active, mixed crowd, and Ben was amazingly able to hold the attention of all the children and most of the adults in attendance! That is truly the mark of an excellent performer. I even overheard a number of the teens in attendance discussing his tricks the next day! Everyone was awed, amazed, and enthralled with his act. We couldn't be happier with his performance. Thank you for making Ben accessible to us! We hope to work with Ben and Berlin Talent again in the future.

Berlin Talent Inc. was extremely helpful and accommodating in our search for the right magician for our company's "Take Your Kid to Work Day". They provided an array of talented magicians so that we could make our best pick. If you're looking to save time in your search and not sure where to start, Berlin Talent Inc. is your go-to vendor. We hired the magician Mike Patrick for our event, who brought an amazing interactive show and great energy with him. He kept our kids engaged and entertained during the 1.5h show! All kids had a blast and said that the magician was their favorite activity of the day! We would be delighted to work with Berlin Talent and Mike again.

Anna Gross

Office Manager


Matias did a great job and the kids loved the show. Was the highlight of the party. My favorite part of the show was how Matias had all of the children involved. The children were part of the show and made everything more real for them.  Great magician for children and Mallory is such a pleasure to work with and made the entire process very simple. Great customer service and she made the process seamless and simple and kept me involved in the entire process. Very well done from start to finish.




The process of hiring Mike and making the arrangements was handled professionally and to our satisfaction. Mike’s card tricks were outstanding. I had never seen someone live do some of the tricks he did. His other tricks were good as well. Mike was a real treat and made the party. Adults do not usually get to see a magician so it made the party special,  Mike was a lot of fun and did a great job. Friends who attended the party have told us they are going to use Mike for parties of their own. We had a positive experience and will keep you in mind for our future entertainment needs.

David G. Tobias, Esq.

Tobias Law Firm P.C.


Mike was very engaging with the people around, got their attention and then mesmerized them with his tricks. I have seen Mike several times in Ninja NY but I was still amazed by all his magic tricks. [Berlin Talent Inc. has] great magicians for every kind of event - they are very responsible, attentive, punctual and friendly. 1500% pleased with the level of customer service I received during the process of the booking.

​Ben was fantastic with our guests. He wowed everyone with his tricks, but really impressed​ me with his poise, professionalism and polished services with our high-end clientele. Entire process from inquiry, booking, response time and then on-site service was wonderful - I never had to follow-up or ask for anything twice.

Napoleon Grinshpan

Human Resources

Pierre Fabre USA

Candi Naboicheck

CND Events


The main reason we had our event was to entertain our members. We needed something that would satisfy all ages. Mike most certainly accomplished that. He was fun and charming. Working with this agency was an absolute pleasure - they met all our needs and were always available for questions I had. They also asked the right questions to make the event a success. I would for sure they say I have already recommended them numerous times. I would be honored to have them schedule more events at the Roslyn Pines Swim and Tennis Club.

Ivy Santodonato


Roslyn Pines Swim & Tennis Club


Mallory, you were extremely efficient, reassuring about the talent and it went off without a hitch. Great professional talent. Easy to work with ...attentive to our specific needs [and] really played to the crowd.

Lisa Paschetta

Event Planner


Customer service was great and email responses were super quick. I think everything went as smooth as it could have. Mike kept a room full of college students entertained the whole night.

John Kokolakis


Kappa Sigma of Pace University

We were very happy with Berlin Talent services and we would certainly recommend your company to friends.

Ania Nassimi


Mashadi Senior Club

Customer service from Berlin Talent Inc. was excellent, responsive and professional. Ben was engaging, energetic and fun. The show had a great flow and the kids were continuously entertained. We had about 10 kids and Ben called each kid by name and made sure to include each kid in the show. While he made sure to spotlight my daughter, he also made the other guests feel special, which I think is very unique. He is also very patient which is a big plus! Ben puts on a terrific show for both kids and adults. Everyone was amazed by the magic and entertained by Ben's great sense of humor. The show is fast-paced and full of surprises. Almost every party guest came up to me after the performance to let me know what a good time they had. 

Stacy Marano



We hired Ben Nemzer to do strolling magic at our wedding cocktail party in NYC, and it was one of the best decisions we made! Ben was upbeat, outgoing, hilarious, and left our guests in awe with his magic... I received a lot of unsolicited feedback about how great he was. The booking process was incredibly simple and seamless thanks to Berlin Talent - I wish every vendor I worked with was that responsive and reliable. Thanks Mallory Berlin and Ben for helping us throw an awesome party!

Amy Mia Kovitz


My favorite part of the entertainment was seeing the wonder and joy on people’s faces when Mike was doing magic for them. He is not only very good at what he does, he has an easy-going and charming manner that makes people keen to watch him and adds to the experience. I was very pleased with the customer service and Mallory is a lovely person who is easy to deal with and wants your event to be a success.

Jeremy Diamond

Partner/Chief Strategy Officer



We were in a huge bind when our magician (booked from a different company) was a no-show! Mallory magically made a magician appear in our apartment within 20 minutes! Ben Nemzer was outstanding. Super talented, professional, and a people person. He wowed even the most skeptical of guests. We will be hiring him again! SO happy to say this turned out to be a better event than I had imagined. Mallory, you are a pleasure to work with and I will definitely contact you for future festivity magic bookings!

Lauren Potter


Sheila O'Connor



We hired Mike Patrick to perform at my sons communion. He did a 45 min show the for kids, which was great. Then he did strolling magic for two hours with the adults. Everyone was beyond impressed with his magic. The adults could not get enough of him! I highly recommend Mike.

Yesterday was great! Ben was excellent.  He kept the kids entertained and smiling :) Our favorite part of the show was the money trick with the ripped dollar in the banana. I would recommend Berlin Talent to a friend and would say you are professional and fun! Very pleased with level of customer service. I think Ben will most likely get some business from Daniel's party - the kids and parents all loved the show!

Dana Coppolino


We had a great time with Mike and everyone enjoyed the show. I think the up close interaction was cool since he was doing magic tricks.  If you were further away or unable to see as well, I don’t think it would be as amazing! Berlin Talent was professional and easy to work with and I was happy with the customer service.

Jessica Haugen

Assistant Manager, Legal & IP


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